The best way to convince you of our success is by hearing stories of those successful matches first hand from the families themselves. We hope you enjoy reading them for as proud as we are to show them to you!


We adopted Hank on our Anniversary in 2006. We have three boys that adore him every day. He goes to work with my Husband some days and everybody loves him. When we got him he was broken. He endured being on the run and heat rashes. The adjustment period was quick. He has become our 4th child. He loves to swim and boat. He is loved by so many people outside of our family. He has been a true blessing. Thank you Florida Labrador Rescue

Becky Duffy


           Chuck and Zeus   

I adopted Chuck from Lab Rescue about 2 years ago and recently got Zeus from there as well. They turned out to be 2 of the best dogs anyone could ask for. They are gorgeous and sweet as pie. I couldn't imagine life without them.

Karen Cassata


We had lost our senior Chocolate Lab Monte and, even though we still had our 3-mutt pack, there was still something missing. We saw Handsome (aka Buddy) on the LRROF site and decided that we HAD to meet him. After the application and inspection, we drove to his foster's home for a "visit". As soon as we were inside, this big GALOOT of a dog came up and started smothering us with kisses. We knew immediately that we were meant to be his "forever home" parents. We drove home, introduced him to the others, and he fit in like he'd known us his whole life. He has the sweetest disposition, loves the other dogs, and is the world's biggest snuggler. Thanks for finding us this AWESOME BOY!

Dave Henson


We knew our dog didn't have much longer to live. I wanted to be prepared to adopt when the time came. I had scheduled a home visit for a Monday. That time moved up when our girl died Thursday. I know some of you are thinking ... What's the rush? Well we had been looking on the website and had seen Kerry aka Annabelle. She was ready and was going to be at Petsmart on Saturday. Our home visit was moved to Saturday! We got the girl of our dreams. I would not hesitate to adopt again from Lab Rescue!

Pat O'Connor

We adopted Charlie shortly after our chocolate lab passed away. Our black Lab Molly was missing her and so we decided to get another dog. I can't say enough about Charlie. He and Molly bonded imediatly. He had seperation anxiety when we got him. But we worked with him and he become the best dog ever. He was gentle, loving, funny, playful. He filled our hearts with much love and joy! Charlie passed away this January. He had cancer. Way to early he was only 7yrs old. It has been 10 months since he passed and it's still very painful to talk about him. I can't thank Pat enough for fostering him and allowing him to come into our lives. We have since rescued another dog. She is a chocolate lab/pit. She is helping to fill the void in our heart. But we miss our "Bubbie" (his nickname) everyday. Thanks again LRROF .

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