The best way to convince you of our success is by hearing stories of those successful matches first hand from the families themselves. We hope you enjoy reading them for as proud as we are to show them to you!


Sierra is celebrating her fourth birthday this year! I wanted to reach out and thank LRROF for fostering my best friend until I could find her and bring her home. Sierra was one of the four pups rescued by boat after Tropical Storm Debby flooded much of the Tampa Bay area in the summer of 2012. While she still isn't a big fan of the water, Sierra loves long walks, playing ball, sleeping on the couch and sunning herself in the backyard. I'm so thankful to have her has part of my life, and hope that her brothers and sisters are doing well too!

Meagan Burke



This is my second Lab with LRRoF. I was looking for a lab that was cat friendly. I inherited when my mother passed in 2011.
After searching for a few months I came across Dixie as soon as she appeared on LRRoF. She was cat friendly and a beautiful yellow girl.
I contacted the foster to get directions to come see her and he lived in Ormond on a street named Bay Lake Ct. ( I live in a subdivision in Saint Cloud called Bay Lake Ranch) The beautiful yellow girls name is Dixie. Dixie was my mother's name. I knew then she would be perfect.
Dixie is a wonderful yellow girl. She just loves her " kitties" and enjoys giving them a daily bath. she loves showing off her nails after getting them painted. We enjoy going to the local dog park where she loves to play with all her new friends. Again " Thank You" LRRoF and a special thanks to Larry for this beautiful sweet girl!!

Karen Mummey


Roughly 14 years ago I adopted Logan from your rescue. He must have been one of the first dogs part of the organization. My sweet boy was born in May 2000 and just passed away.
He was the best dog ever- he joined us in 6 moves and helped welcome two beautiful daughters into this world. I remember like yesterday the day the foster mom showed up at our house with three labs, Logan was one of them. They ran around my backyard like crazy and then Logan came inside on the tile and did his superman lay down. In that instance I knew I needed him as much as he needed me. His foster mom shared that he was in two homes prior and was abused; he was terrible thin and had skin coat infection from the stress of his previous life. Logan never chewed a shoe, turn anything up and rarely had accidents in the house. He was a member of family who enjoyed the comforts of sleeping in bed with us, lounging on the couch. He favorites things to do was "bomb" people while swimming in the pool and playing frisbee in the lake.
I am so lucky to have enjoyed his companionship for as many years as I did and blessed to have found your organization that introduced us.


I would like everyone to know that we were the proud owners of a yellow lab named Logan. Unfortunately he passed away on 2/28/2016.
We were very fortunate to have spent the quality time with him after all these years, We miss him very much. He had a great personality and loved to bug my wife at exactly 7:00pm for his walk around the neighborhood to see his friends. He was a friend maker. Thank you Labrador Retriever Rescue for providing us Logan to share in our lives. He will always have a place in our hearts.
Jon and Haydee Mahannah


After our sweet 13 year old Lab, Gator, passed we thought it would be a long time before we could bring another dog into our home and hearts. But we quickly realized that our family was just not complete without one. We decided that a puppy was not a good choice for us at this stage inour lives, so we quickly decided that a rescue was the best choice. The website had so many dogs that needed homes, it was difficult to choose just one. Our coordinator, Ellen, worked very hard to help us find one that would be perfect for or family and our lifestyle.
One year ago today, we brought home Ranger. At six, he was a bit older than we had initally wanted, was 20 pounds under weight, and had a lot of fur to grow back, but we felt a connection with him right away. With good food and lots of love, Ranger has become one very handsome dog! He is so sweet and playful, loves going to the beach and getting out on our boat with us. His house manners turned out to be excellent and he quickly adjusted to our routines. This was all one big advantage to adopting an older dog! Ranger has become a great member of our family and has helped to heal our hearts after saying goodbye to Gator.
We want to thank everyone in this organization for all they do to help these sweet dogs find loving forever homes. And I'm sure Ranger thanks you too!

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