The best way to convince you of our success is by hearing stories of those successful matches first hand from the families themselves. We hope you enjoy reading them for as proud as we are to show them to you!

We lost our yellow lab Mickey last fall to meningitis. We were heart broken for months and knew our chocolate lab Bailey was longing for her companion back. We were recently running into many people that had rescue dogs and decided to give it a try. The folks at LRROF were very friendly & helpful.

Tank was heartworm positive, and had a bad skin condition due to flea allergies when he came to us. Terrified of storms, he was in rough shape when the rescuers found him dumped out by the interstate. Lab Rescue took him in and helped get him well.  It took no time at all for this loving, wonderful boy to win our hearts. We make it our goal in life to help make up for the neglect he had in the past, and show him all the love he deserves. He is a wonderful addition to our family. Cuddle time on the hammock is a favorite.


What a great experience getting Max has been for our family. We have two boys, ages 10 and 16, plus two dachsunds and we decided we needed another dog to add to our already hectic lifestyle. We were nervous, but for some reason we charged ahead and contacted Lab Rescue (as we wanted a little larger dog). From the first call from Vicki, with lab rescue, we felt more comfortable with the process, but still a little nervous. Then we asked about Max, "he is still a puppy lots of energy and based on your application may not be exactly what you are looking for, but let's see".


We began looking for a dog with the Lab Rescue in the beginning of April. We came to meet a chocolate lab named Blade. He was with his foster mom in Bonita and had been surrendered due to a new baby in the previous home. When we meet him he was all wiggles and smiles. He had ALOT of energy. After we met him we knew that we loved him, but it all depended on our two dogs reaction in meeting him the next day. We were nervous, but had already bought Blade a bed, a collar, and a dog bowl. 

I was worried at first, but after the application process, I saw how serious the volunteers were and then I knew there was no way we were going to be placed with the wrong dog.

Kona has fit right in with our family and brought new happiness into our home and the kiddos love her.

There's nothing better than the sound of clacking of her paws and nails as she tracks through the house to see what everyone is doing.

This short film says it all.

Mike Miller

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