The best way to convince you of our success is by hearing stories of those successful matches first hand from the families themselves. We hope you enjoy reading them for as proud as we are to show them to you!

Kipper and Marlin

We are so blessed to have brought both Kip and Marlin into our lives. We had signed up with LRROF after the loss of one of our boys, Flash, in March. We have previous experience with LRROF and wanted to provide a loving home for another precious Lab. After the wonderful home visit by Terri, we found Kipper, who was being fostered by Carolyn in Sarasota. She was kind enough to bring him by for a "meet and greet", and it was love at first sight! Needless to say, he found his forever home that night.

Fast forward a few months...we experienced another devistating loss of our eldest boy, Levi. During the following month, I contacted LRROF regarding volunteering with the organization. After a month went by, Carolyn sent me an email regarding fostering a young boy named Morgan. Well, to make a long stoy short, Marlin (previously Morgan) has joined Kip in their forever home. They both get along splendidly with each other, and also our other two rescues, Courage (Lab) and Axel (Aussie).

The folks at LRROF are most certainly "earthly angels" for doing all that they do for those who cannot fend for themselves and are looking for that "forever HOME".
Eric Theurer

God bless you all and the Labs who find their way into your care.


In Aug 2013 we lost our Choc girl Bogey after 12 years with us. She was also rescued by us in Maryland. Our hearts were broken and I was now retired so we vowed no more dogs. Early in 2014 Gertie started looking at the LRROF site. I just knew what was coming. We went to some meet n greets and met Wanda, a LRROF volunteer and foster. We were looking for an older dog and she told us about Eli. We went to her house to meet him and the rest is history. We were scheduled to drive to our summer home in northern Michigan just one week after the adoption. In the vehicle he goes after only being with us for one week but you would have thought we had him much longer. He has put on a couple of pounds, which was needed, and is enjoying the cool summer weather and swimming in the nearby lake. I would highly recommend adopting a senior dog. He was all trained and ready to go. Soon the weather will turn cold and we will be headed back to Florida.
Some of my friends say that Eli has hit the lottery and if that's true I we have done so as well.  Dave & Gertie


We adopted Hank on our Anniversary in 2006. We have three boys that adore him every day. He goes to work with my Husband some days and everybody loves him. When we got him he was broken. He endured being on the run and heat rashes. The adjustment period was quick. He has become our 4th child. He loves to swim and boat. He is loved by so many people outside of our family. He has been a true blessing. Thank you Florida Labrador Rescue

Becky Duffy



We came to know Mollie by her picture on the website. We fell in Love with her. After talking to Christina at Lab Rescue we knew she was the right Girl for our family. Lab Rescue is a caring ,loving and committed group. They really care! Mollie is the most Gentle, Loving and Loyal creature. I can't imagine life without her.
She completes our Family.

Channing Oglesby


           Chuck and Zeus   

I adopted Chuck from Lab Rescue about 2 years ago and recently got Zeus from there as well. They turned out to be 2 of the best dogs anyone could ask for. They are gorgeous and sweet as pie. I couldn't imagine life without them.

Karen Cassata