The best way to convince you of our success is by hearing stories of those successful matches first hand from the families themselves. We hope you enjoy reading them for as proud as we are to show them to you!

  I wanted to tell our story and how great adpoting has been. We got Zeus (our chocolate) just over 3 yerars ago from Pat in New Port Richie. He was one year old at the time. He was just a great dog right away. Loves the tennis ball,, in fact lives for it. Super sweet and smart. We grew to love him so much,,, we adopted another.

Happy Jake!

jake1.jpg - 38.70 KbI wanted to write lab rescue and tell my happy story. It has been one year since I found my forever home and I have never been happier! When I first arrived home I was very nervous and shy but my momma was very loving and now she says I'm her social butterfly. I get to go for walks everyday and sniff, run and play. It sure beats my days as a street dog. Momma calls me Jake, her lover boy, sweetheart, hambone and good boy. I guess she can't decide on just one name for me, that's ok I'm smart and answer to all of them. I have to admit I blush a little when she says she's not sure who rescued who and gives me a big kiss. But, I never miss the chance for hugs and kisses. I've made so many new dog friends, and even have a few cousin dogs that I call family. My birthday is coming up and although momma puts a birthday hat on me and takes pictures I get to play in the water and even get a special birthday cake! I'm one happy dog, thank you lab rescue for helping feel better and for helping me find my forever home! Happy Tails!

Jake Brasher    (formerly CJ the street dog)

I adopted my beloved Zeus from your organization eight years ago. Zeus was 2 years old when he was surrendered to LRRoF. I was introduced to him shortly after he got to his foster home in Orlando. Zeus and I had eight amazing years together. We saw much of the country together. He passed away on Friday at age 10. Thank you for your organization and for finding labs great homes!     

Ashley Stewart

Just an update about what a great organization Lab Rescue is. We adopted Morgan, a black lab, in March 2004 in Orlando; he had come straight from a week of vet care after being found on the streets with a collar growing into his neck. LRROF estimated he was about 4 years old, making him around 13 today. He has slowed down and turned grey over the years, but he is still an important part of our family and is loved by all for his easy going demeanor. Keep up the great work Lab Rescue!!!   John Scanlon

After losing our Lab a few years ago and then our shephard due to cancer last July we knew we wanted to adopt another dog, this time from the Lab Rescue. We checked the lab rescue website everyday to start our seach for our new family member.  We saw Hank on the Lab website. My husband and I both liked him immediately. We checked everyday to see if he was still available. We decided to go to a Vegan Food festival in downtown Tampa one Saturday, just before leaving for NJ because we saw that the Lab Rescue was going to be there with some dogs. We thought we could start looking at the different dogs that were there that day. As fate would have it when we spotted the Lab Rescue booth there was Hank!

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