The best way to convince you of our success is by hearing stories of those successful matches first hand from the families themselves. We hope you enjoy reading them for as proud as we are to show them to you!


I had fostered several dogs for LRRoF. Everyone I dealt with with the organization is in it for all the right reasons. It's amazing how many dogs need a home.
Our circumstances changed to where we could permanently adopt a dog of our own. Enter Max, nee Brownie. He is a gorgeous chocolate boy who has changed our lives for the better. He was just over a year old when we started fostering him. He had been placed with a dog trainer who volunteered her time and services. He was a typical crazy lab puppy. He had spent most of the first year of his life crated nearly 24/7. He has made himself comfortable on the sofa and should soon start receiving mail at the house….
Leon Kirby


Lab Rescue was easy to work with and Brogan's foster family were very informative and looked out for his best interest. Everyone made looking for a dog exciting and fun. Brogan saved us! When we adopted Brogan we knew our 2 older labs would be taking a walk across the rainbow bridge in years to come. We wanted a young dog in our life who knew and loved them as much as we did. One who could have their picture taken with our older dogs and keep their memory fresh. Brogan filled their hearts and it was like the three of them had always been together. They played, swam, slept together and shared many happy times. We our 11.5 year old female left us. Brogan was there to love us and became closer to the leader of the pack. We introduced a puppy to the teamof two and they fell in love with her. Several months later after the leader Ace taught the puppy all his leadership skills he left us. Brogan now had a puppy to himself and the two of us who
were so thankful he needed us. He is very loving and when he looks us in the eyes, they seem to say do you love me? Of course we do 4 ever and 4 always!!!!


My husband and I already own a yellow lab Belle, she is 14 years old and we have had her since she was 6 weeks old. Our son has grown up with her and we decided that with her being a senior that it was time to think about having another dog in our family. That is when I came across Ellie on the LRROF website. I beautiful white coat young girl. I saw that the LRROF was going to be at our local Petsmart that weekend so we went to talk with them about her. Sad that she was not one of the dogs that was there we quickly jumped at getting our paperwork in as we were told she was popular. By the end of that week Ellie was ours. She has made herself extremely comfortable in her new home. Sleeping on the bed and couch all day, playing ball with our son and taking really long walks with my husband. She gets along great with Belle and she doesn't mind her either. Ellie is certainly full of life, trying to take anything off the kitchen if left there
and learning how to be more loving. She is happy in her new home as we are having her. We look forward to the years to come with her. Thank you LRROF for helping us with a perfect match for our family!

Michele Escobar


We rescued Diamond 10 years ago. We knew instantly he was the new family member after spending time with him at the Meet and Greet at Petco. We went through the process of adopting him and were very pleased with the home visit and application. LRROF truly has the best interest for the placement of these loving dogs. After some conversation we changed Diamonds name to Dallas which he took to quickly. Dallas was with us until last week. He was our best friend for 10 years and is truly missed. He was a true LAB and missed his calling as a Service Dog. Dallas amazed us everyday with his intelligence, patients and careful stride with my elderly grandmother and children. He loved to cuddle and sit next to you. We will adopt again from LRROF but need time to heal over the loss of our best friend.


My husband wanted a larger dog and I knew how hyper labs can be so I was not sold on the idea until we saw this little black lab in the petsmart cart. She was calm and cuddly and for some reason I knew she would be a good dog for us and our cavalier king charles spaniel. She took a long while to come out of her she'll as she was scared of everything but now she is happy and healthy with all her fur again. Oh and super smart.

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