Park Maitland K-6 Students Donate Items

on Wednesday, 01 June 2011. Posted in In the News

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Park Maitland K-6 Students Donate Items

For many years, Lab Rescue has enjoyed a close relationship with teacher, Cindy Dawson and Park Maitland School. Ms. Dawson has been instrumental in finding labs in need at local shelters and referring them to LRRoF. She has also referred some of her students (and of course their parents) to LRRoF when they are interested in adopting.

The Park Maitland Brownie Troop donated a percentage of their cookie proceeds a couple years ago to LRRoF. Our latest endeavor was the 3rd graders held a fundraiser to help several local animal rescues. Lab Rescue was one of them.

These children collected various items to be given to the rescues such as food, dog beds, toys, bones, dog treats, dog dishes, shampoo, flea medications, crates, as well as a variety of cat items for the cat rescue chosen. The outpouring of donations was overwhelming…. 3 SUV’s were literally filled to the back windows. The children were so proud of what they had accomplished. Ms. Dawson is educating these children, at an early age, about the benefit to giving to others. Not only did these kids donate items but they also adopted/rescued two dogs from a very high kill facility. One was a dachshund, the other a Lab/Hound mix. The dachshund was immediately adopted by his foster family. The Lab/Hound is still waiting for his “furever” home but we have no doubt that will happen. Lab Rescue wishes to acknowledge the good work by Ms. Dawson, her 3rd graders and Park Maitland School. Without acts such as this, our rescue would not be able to help the many dogs in need that cross our path each year. We thank you.

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